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Booking Your road test in Alberta
In Alberta, road tests are administered by driver examiners that are approved by Alberta Transportation. Most road testing for all classes
of license are conducted at various authorized Alberta registry agent locations. Road testing must begin and end at the registry location.

In 2009, new road testing policies were introduced so that all road test scheduling are to be handled by an Alberta authorized registry agent. The identity of the driver examiner is designed to be anonymous until after the booking is complete.

2 ways to book your road tests for your driver’s license:
In-person Road Test Bookings

In-person bookings require you to be present at the time of your booking at your desired registry location. Be sure to check their office hours to make sure they’re open before you head down. Have more than one day and time in mind for when you can take your road test as you never know how if your desired time slot is available. You will also have to remember to bring documents such as your Class 7 Operator’s License and secondary piece of ID just in case.
Most registry locations do not accept credit cards. Bringing cash or making sure you have your debit card is a good idea before you head down. When you finalize a time and date for your road test be sure to read the road testing policies pertaining to the registry location carefully.

There are eligibility requirements for you as well as the vehicle that you provide for the road test. If the road testing eligibility requirements are not met at the time of your road test you could lose all related road testing booking fees.

Online Road Test Bookings
Online booking for your road test for any class is simplified when you book online, although slightly more expensive - by booking your road test online, an additional trip to the registry is not necessary. You can compare costs at all road testing locations in one convenient place by going directly to Alternatively, you could go to each registry agent location’s website and locate the road testing section. This will also bring you to except all other road testing locations will be hidden until you delete your cookies on your Internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari), or close all browser windows. This could be useful if you find yourself failing with the same driver examiner at the same registry location.

The same road testing policies will apply if you book online. You will have agreed to all the same stipulations during the online booking process as in person. Be sure to read them carefully as the same eligibility requirements are in effect for you and the vehicle you provide for your road test. If you cannot provide a vehicle for your road test you can rent one by choosing a registry location and a time slot that has a rental vehicle available.

An email confirmation for your road test will be sent when you complete your online road test booking using PayPal. You also have the option of receiving a text message 2 hours prior to your scheduled road test. (The text message is sent as a reminder for you to arrive at the registry location 15-20 minutes before your road test begins. This will allow time for you to pick up your pre-paid road test permit. Picking up your road test permit days in advance is not required unless you have concerns about eligibility that need to be addressed before your scheduled road test, or if you are testing at an off-site location.

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